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Streamzoo and V-Tech Kidizoom Camera Pix: The Best Options For Kids Cameras

Streamzoo: Packed With Tools For The Young Photographer


For anyone that has a little budding photographer in their lives, a kid-centric camera is a great way to foster their creativity. Bring out the shutterbug in a child with the Streamzoo 8.0 megapixel resolution digital camera. This camera takes vivid, colorful images with all the clarity of an adult camera. A child also can be the director of their very own movies utilizing the 1080 HD video recording mode. Storing all their imagination is a breeze with the 1GB internal storage that upgrades by inserting the 32GB micro SD card. A 4X digital zoom allows kids to get in close to their subject while the auto-focus feature produces sharp, clear images. The two-inch bright IPS screen display makes it easy to view their creations. Another great attribute of the Streamzoo is computer connectivity, so kids can print their photos to display proudly or save them, freeing up camera space.


Streamzoo Is More Than Just A Multi-Functional Camera


The Streamzoo digital camera has many safe, kid-friendly specs as well, rounding out the reasons why it’s one the best cameras for young photogs. We all know children are rough on toys, so this camera is extremely durable and shockproof. Batteries can become a challenge with children’s toys. Avoid consistently replacing those batteries with this camera’s built-in 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery. The Streamzoo has four built-in educational and entertaining puzzle games that keep young minds occupied when they’re not snapping photos or filming videos. With stickers, pre-set filters, and frame settings, kids can further their creativity. Constructed of non-toxic materials featuring a soft exterior with easy-grip handles, makes this camera safe and comfortable for little hands. The Streamzoo has simple, easy to understand navigation and button controls that teach ages 3-10 how to interpret technical instructions.


V-Tech Kidizoom Camera Pix: Another Feature-Packed Best Bet For Kids Cameras


While Streamzoo and V-Tech Kidizoom Camera Pix have different basic specs, each camera has its own distinctive features. V-Tech Kidizoom is only 2.0 megapixels, requires four AA batteries, and the age range is just ages 3-8. But, in other areas, the V-Tech ups its game by including four apps that enhance the computer connectivity aspect, allows the creation of photo collages and has more than thirty-five stimulating photo effects. They also now have frustration-free packaging that’s much easier to open.


The Most Important Features Are Learning And Creativity


Both cameras in this article embody what it means for a toy to pull double duty as both fun and educational. A kid’s camera teaches hand-eye coordination, how to follow instructions, individual creativity, and computer skills. Choose a kids digital camera based on the individual child’s interest, skill level, and needs. It’s fun for us adults to see the great photos through the viewfinder of a child’s camera.

5 valuable Tips for new startup businesses

Starting up a new business can be difficult according to many entrepreneurs like Zeb Evans. There are a lot of important decisions that you have to make and that can be extremely stressful, but with enough hard work and attention to detail you could have an amazing business in the works. To help get you started, here are 5 tips for your new business that you can use to help you through the first few months.

Don’t stop networking for a few years. Even if you have good business, you should never stop networking because there is always someone who has not heard of your business and the only way to get more clients is to bring attention to your business.

Make risky decisions even if you think that it will fail. Starting up a business is a lot like a roller coaster, it is going to have it’s highs and it’s lows. But these highs and lows are what forms the business you create. If you stay safe, you are never going to get anywhere. You can’t be afraid to fail and you have to make that jump even if it is scary.

Starting a business comes at a cost, but do not worry about money. If you spend too much time worrying about how much you have to spend, you are going to get anxious and not want to continue with any plans. Your business needs money to get started. You have to spend money to earn it and when you start up a business there is more spending than earning. But that money will be back soon if you spend it in the right ways.

Watch what other businesses are doing. You need to stay up to date on all of the marketing ideas and you have to keep in touch with what people are into these days so that you know what decisions to make. The world is constantly trending something, find what is popular and use that to promote your business.

And lastly, keep yourself in check. Starting a business comes with a lot of stress and anxiety and you need to make sure that you leave work at work and when you go home, or at least put the work down for the night, that you are home and you aren’t worrying about tomorrow. Your business can’t run if you are rundown and tired because of all the stress you have to get your business going, your business will get up on it’s feet but you need to be in a good mindset to get it there. Find a partner to make the workload lighter if you need a break.

There you go, 5 valuable tips for starting a new business.

Invest, Customize, Never Lose your airpods again

Airpods make wireless headphones a necessity and an accessory. Wireless headphones and blue tooth give us the means to be plugged in without being annoyed or limited by our technology. They are an investment well worth the cost. Unlike the old headphones we misplaced at least once a day airpods are easy to keep in your ears all day. They come with a charging case that can be worn as a key chain so they have a designated place to be put away. Considering how much is invested in the purchase of these headphones we cannot afford to simply lose them or accidentally wash them in the laundry like many of us did with previous headphone types. Airpods simplify our lives and bring us music anywhere any time without the hassle of being physically plugged it and wrapped with wires and should be appreciated. Like many Apple products the airpods and their case are sleek and stylish but not individualized. Although they already look so appealing you need to customize your air pod case for three just reasons.

Reason 1:

You have invested much more into the purchase of these air pods than you have outdated pair of headphones. However, we all have a notorious habit for misplacing headphones. Air pod cases will be much easier to find if they are decorated and stand out. A small white box can be easily lost but if it is covered with a colorful puff of fabric as a case it is easily spotted and noticed when lost.

Reason 2:

All airpod cases look the same. If we know we are keeping these airpods in our ears to talk on the phone, listen to music at work, listen to music at the gym,or secretly watch netflix at our workstations why would we want to accidentally use someone else’s that have been in their ears for all that time. The best way to avoid this confusion is to individualize our cases.

Reason 3:

Let’s face it, you will be bringing your airpods everywhere with you. The case will become an everyday accessory to your wardrobe. Airpods are an investment that can simplify your life therefore will become a necessity. Knowing this you should want to individualize them in order to express yourself. Just like anything else you carry with you every day the airpod case should be decorated to reflect that it is yours. They sell decorative cases to make the case an animal, a stuffed, fluffy ball, colorful, sparkly, or plane but protected from the dangers of carrying it around all day everyday.

If you invest into purchasing a small, easily misplaced technology such as airpods you should customize the case. customizing your airpod case is the most creative and fun way you can appreciate the simplicity the airpods can bring to your daily life.


The pace of a turtle won’t get you Instagram success

If you are trying to grow your Instagram following to the point of it standing out, you might be in for a shock. Growing your account one by one can be exhausting and unfair. Many successful Instagramers have bought their way to fame instead of taking the slow approach and there are many benefits to doing so.

You can enhance your brand

Buying active Instagram followers can allow you to quickly grow your brand. The more followers you have, the more attention you can get from those who are not following you yet. There can be many benefits to purchasing active followers and they come with opportunities and perks that you otherwise may not have the chance of obtaining. Buying active followers is a method of acquiring popularity whether you are running a company account or an individual one.

Higher stats on your account

When you buy instagram followers, you can bet that the benefits will reflect in your stats. The reason for this is the level of activity that is noticed by Instagram. By purchasing more active Instagram followers you can be sure to receive more followers from those followers, more likes and more comments. All of this can bring some of the most positive attention for your account profile.

Increase your website visits

You can use Instagram as a method to market and advertise your brand. If you are a musician, actor, painter, photographer or a baker to name a few, you can draw attention to your own personal website. Instagram allows you to include links in your posts that can bring in more visitors to your website. The more traffic that flows to your website, the higher your ranking on the Google search engines. Optimizing your Instagram account to get more activity can greatly improve your current success level.

You can become an influencer

Having a giant Instagram following can result in become an unintended online influence. When you become an influencer it can become a way of indirect marketing. The goal as an influencer is to share products that you feel are in alignment with your brand and all of your followers. To be able to share a product and have it be relevant you must first build a recognized brand. That’s why it’s beneficial to buy active followers on Instagram. You will also have the opportunity to reach out to brands and companies that require 5,000 follower minimum so that you can become an influencer. With this method you can do what you love and share what you love while simultaneously making money. Only wins here.

Build trust with all other social networks

Your Instagram success that can be acquired by purchasing active followers can leak into all your other social media accounts. This can come after you establish trust. Once you show your followers the authenticity of your brand you can be sure to gain the trust of your followers on Instagram and also all of your followers from other social media sites.

More tips can be easily found on youtube:

The Very Best Rimfire Scopes of 2018: Leupold Rimfire Rifle FX Series Scopes

The Very Best Rim Fire Scopes of 2018: Leupold Rimfire Rifle Scopes

A rimfire rifle is a must have in any hunters rifle cabinet, but just as important is the accessories available for these rifles. That’s where Leupold Rimfire Scopes come in to play. The nitrogen sealing process used on all Leupold Rimfire scopes makes them extremely rugged and 100% waterproof. This makes them ideal for any weather condition and environment.


Leopold FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm Scope


The FX – I Rimfire 4x28mm is one of the best rimfire riflescopes on the market. The water and fog proof lenses make them incredibly easy to use and maintain. The Leopold manufacturing system uses nitrogen purging, which means it creates an increable tight seal that allows the lens to be fog proof. The Leupold registered Multicoat 4 lens systems are extremely advanced and offer the best clarity throughout the visual spectrum of the lens, from edge to edge. The system is so advanced it enables the user to see even in low-light situations, which can be handy when your stalking your prey. The Leopold rimfire scopes improve the users accuracy and are extremely easy to mount, maintain, and adjust. It features a 1-inch main tube that is light and durable weighing in at just 213 grams you wont feel the difference once its mounted. The scope is adjusted for a 60-yard parallax, which prevents you from shooting off target and wasting ammunition.


Additional Features:


The FX-I also features a micro-friction dial that is easy to grip and adjust for wind and elevation even under wet conditions. This makes it ideal when the weather favors your prey. The eyepiece is comfortable and is designed for fast focusing and rapid adjustment capabilities. The glass lens is abrasion resistant and will last a lifetime if you take care of it. Leupold offers a lifetime guarantee even if your not the original owner and bought the scope second hand or it was a gift. The company guarantees it will replace or repair your scope or accessory for free until the end of your lifetime.

There’s also a cool unboxing video I found on Youtube, check it out:

Leopold FX-II Rimfire 4x20mm Scope


Leupold also offers the FX-II Ultralight 2.5x20mm Rimfire scope or , which is meant for hunters who prefer a wide range of view. This is one of the lightest rimfire scopes on the market weighing in at just 184 grams. The wide duplex reticle is also 100% waterproof and fog proof using the same nitrogen sealing manufacturing process as the FX-I. The Leupold DiamondCoat lens coatings used by both the FX-I and FX-II are some of the most abrasion resistant lens in the world. The clarity and flawless



Leupold’s FX-I and FX-II Rimfire scopes are the best rimfire scopes on the market in 2018. Leupold’s immaculate record of manufacturing the very best rifle accessories on the market for the past 110 years has led to a dynasty that lasts to this day. The Leupold rimfire scopes will satisfy every customer in every condition and environment. If properly maintained and taken care of they will be true and honest to its user for an entire lifetime.

What are the benefits of having managed WordPress hosting?

If you run a website and have it set up on WordPress, you may be running it yourself and managing everything about the server it is on yourself as well. That means, if there are any problems, the server crashes or your data becomes corrupted, you are the one that will usually have to deal with it.

If you go for managed wordpress hosting, however, you will not have to deal with any of these, as well as receive many other benefits.

What is managed WordPress hosting? — This simply means that a team of technicians manages your server, so you do not have to deal with that side of your business at all. In fact, all you have to do is to write articles for your website, and then promote them. Your managed WordPress hosting team will do all the rest of the work.

A faster server — One of the benefits of having managed WordPress hosting is usually a much faster server. This is because the technicians have it configured so that it runs at optimal speed. It also means you will probably not need many of the WordPress plugins you have had to use before just to make your site faster.

Automatic site backups — If you are managing everything yourself, one of the things you will have to remember to do is a regular back up of your site. When you have managed WordPress hosting, however, this is all done for you with a copy of your latest changes always kept as a backup.

24/7 access to your team — When you pay for managed WordPress hosting, that means you always have access to the technicians that are working on your team. Whether that access is via email or telephone does not really matter. What does matter is, if anything goes wrong with your site, there is always someone there to fix it quickly.

No need for a caching plugin — Caching plugins are supposed to make your site faster but, in some instances, they can actually make it slower.

With managed WordPress hosting, however, you will probably no longer need caching plugins to speed up your site. Instead, all of that will be taken care of for you at server level.

Constant scanning for security breaches — A good managed WordPress hosting team will also constantly monitor your server for security breaches, and for any other threats that may come along.

That means, instead of you suddenly finding your site under attack and having to deal with it, your team is always there making sure it does not even happen in the first place.

Managed wordpress hosting in a nutshell

An introduction to wordpress

WordPress is inarguably one of the most widely used platforms for building websites of just about any kind, especially when it comes to a less technical approach on things. Programming isn’t something that just anyone can pick up when they need to, which means that before software like WordPress was around, there were no simple ways to actually create a website by yourself.

And with so many different customizable options, (and WordPress to install properly itself for that matter if you don’t have a host), it can still be somewhat confusing to get going from the very beginning regardless. That’s part of the reason that managed wordpress hosting is so valuable and widely used; you don’t have to deal with the headache of hosting issues (click here to learn more)! You also get a lot of really neat options most of the time like automatic back-up, more in-depth statistics, and a lot more when you are using a managed wordpress host vs doing it yourself.

The importance of managed wordpress hosting

It’s also important to note that while wordpress does have a free version hosted through its wordpress subdomain, the number of features and total accessibility drops drastically. There is a lot missing from that, and unless you are ready to shell out upwards of $100 or more, there don’t end up being many other real options.

The other main reason why you would want to use managed wordpress hosting, (vs. the ‘DIY’ approach), is the quality connection that you are going to need to be able to run a successful business / blog / website anyways! It’s very difficult to sustain a decent user-base on a non-dedicated connection, and that can quickly lead to less popularity for your project / end-goal. Along with the fact that you can often get your domain name bundled in with your hosting most places, it’s just so much easier in general this way.

A basic summary of managed wordpress hosting, (plus tips on how to get the most out of it!)

All in all, managed wordpress hosting not only saves you a lot of money — it saves you a lot of time and struggle. A properly built and managed website is a staple for brands of any kind, (especially in 2017), and it’s not something you want to skimp out on. The number of different tools and options provided by a lot of the hosts who offer managed wordpress hosting, (including search engine optimization & other ranking aids), are often more valuable than the actual hosting itself. If you were to buy the different pieces of software individually, it could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Instead, you have the ability to pay one cost per month that you are essentially going to have to end up paying anyways, (hosting), and get all of that bundled in for ‘free’. It’s one of those things that most people don’t even think about whenever they are starting to set up their website, but it can make a giant difference down the road!