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Will the benefits of using a dedicated server for bulk email help you earn more money?

If you often send out bulk emails for a website you own, chances are much of your income comes from the results of those campaigns.


If this sounds like you, you may be wondering if there may be benefits to using a dedicated server instead of the shared server you currently lease. Especially when it comes to the money you earn from the emails you send.


Faster delivery — You will usually discover bulk email campaigns that are sent from a dedicated server are delivered much faster than those from a shared server.


This means, if you are advertising a sale or giving your email recipients opportunities to buy specific things within a certain time frame, you will usually notice your sales are more.


Unlimited emails means more opportunities to make money — Another wonderful thing about leasing a dedicated server for your bulk email campaigns is that it gives you the opportunity to send unlimited emails.


This is because a typical email campaign takes up a lot of a server’s resources, so a shared server will limit you to how many campaigns you can do. With a dedicated server, however, you can send unlimited emails.


This alone will mean you get more people responding and either visiting your site, resulting in more money made from advertising, or buying the products you are trying to sell.


Much better security — If your website is on a shared server and another site on the same server is hacked, chances are your site is at risk as well.


This can cause you to lose money, not only from the hack itself but from the loss of sales you would have made with a bulk email campaign you were planning on doing.


With a dedicated server, that you can rent at posta elettronica, however, the security is much better as it is only your site that is on the server. This means you not only have added comfort in the knowledge you have less chance of being hacked, but you now also have more time to spend on sending out new bulk email campaigns with the hope of making even more money.


A third-party SMTP service gets your emails where they should go — One of the problems of doing bulk email campaigns is many of your emails can end up in recipients’ spam folders where they are never read.


A typical dedicated server, however, will usually come with a third-party SMTP service. This service will help ensure less of your bulk emails arrive in recipients’ spam folders and more arrive in the inbox where they will be read.


As emails that are never read mean people that can never visit your site or buy the products you want to sell, with a third-party SMTP service you should immediately notice a huge increase in the response rate to your emails.


If you want to earn more money from the email campaigns you do, the first step should be to move off the shared server you currently lease and on to a dedicated server instead.

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