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Why Link Building Is Still Mandatory For Your Website

Those that own a website realize that even in 2019, link building is an essential part of building a website and attracting traffic. Link building remains one of the top SEO strategies that should work wonders with just about any website on any topic. The basic link building strategy is to build an optimized website that other websites would gladly link to because it would build traffic for them too. The fact is that search engines look favorably on websites using this tactic. Sites linking to a website are a sign to the search engines that the site has high quality content. Here is more on the subject.


Why Are Links Still Important In 2019


Search Engines like Google still use the amount of links on a page to determine the web page’s value. This fact was true a decade ago, and is still very relevant to SEO. In fact, it is one of the top SEO tactics to rank higher on the search engines and drive more traffic to a website. However, it is still mandatory to make sure that the page contains high quality links and not just some random links leading to low ranking web pages.


High Quality Links Are Important


Most new website owners fail to realize that adding low quality links to their website is a fatal error. Why? Well, this one move might cause leading search engines to penalize the site. For example, you link to a site that does not have its own domain and the information on the site is on a completely different topic. Consequently, this will adversely affect your site and ranking.


High quality back links are links to a high quality, authoritative site with a lot of relevant information that is on the very same topic as your site. It’s a winning situation for all the sites involved. More information about how to gather some valuable links can be found here: Daniel Foley SEO Consultant.


A few good links to get would be:


  • Infographic Links
  • Guest Posts
  • Editorial Links
  • Curated Links
  • Resource Links

Most of these can be grabbed via outreach to bloggers or / and companies. Ahrefs has a great video on how to scale your outreach to grab those awesome juice links.


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