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Using custom printed stickers as an advertising tool for your business

Spending money on advertising for a small business can be expensive. Especially if you are trying to reach as many people as possible, and so are using radio and television.

Move away from these traditional forms of advertising, however, and look at custom printed stickers as an advertising tool for your company, and you may be surprised at just how useful they can be.

Draw attention to your products — While you may have already had a professional design beautiful labels on the products you sell, you can draw more attention to those products by using custom printed stickers.

These stickers can be printed in bright colors, and with a slogan or a message on them about the quality of the items you sell as well as information about an ongoing sale. Just a tiny sticker on a bottle of shampoo, for instance, can have a big impact on whether your products are picked up or left on the shelf.

Kids’ stickers — Even though you are probably targeting adults with the products you sell, do not overlook kids when it comes to using custom printed stickers to advertise your business.

After all, hand out free and very cute stickers to kids and teenagers and, if they like them, they will use them to decorate their rooms. Parents will love that it is not costing them anything to give their kids a little bit of uniqueness when decorating their bedrooms, and they will remember the company that gave the stickers to them.

Stickers on notebooks, folders and on files — Make sure that everything leaving your office also has a custom printed sticker on it before it leaves. A sticker on a notebook, a folder, or a file informing your client of how much money she owes will make everything your client receives from you just a little bit cuter. Your client will then associate those stickers with your company.

Stickers for events — If your company is running a special event, or has a booth or a table at a business fair, make sure you have custom stickers printed up before you get there. Stickers are wonderful things to give away as gifts to people at your event or that come by your table. If you design them so they are cute or interesting, people will use them too. When they do, they will think about the company that gave them to them.

Stickers as bumper stickers — If you can create funny sayings or have an illustration designed that is cute, funny or interesting, why not have them put on bumper stickers? You can then hand out these bumper stickers to staff, friends and customers and ask them to put them on their cars. These then become free advertising aimed at everyone driving behind hundreds of cars.

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