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Top 3 reasons to have custom stickers on your new products

Have you created a new product or a new product line, and are trying to get potential customers to notice it on the shelf?

If so, having custom stickers in USA designed and printed can be a good way to do that. After all, the right custom sticker placed directly on your products can have a huge number of benefits to your sales.

Here are the top three benefits.

Targeted: It draws attention to your products — If you have brightly colored custom stickers designed in an unusual shape and with a clear font, this can quickly draw a customer’s eye to the sticker and then to the product itself.

If the message on the sticker also tells the customer why your product is better than similar products on the market, that is going to draw their attention even more. This can almost immediately translate into more sales.


You can promote a sale — If you are running a sale on your products, it can be difficult to get customers to realize that.

Have custom stickers created that announce the sale in large letters or numbers, and a customer’s eye will be immediately attracted to your product.

Keep the message simple, with a statement like ‘Sale’ or ’50 Percent Off’, and then place these stickers on every product you ship to stores before they are shipped. Do not be surprised if your sales increase almost immediately.

Says why your product is better — If you want to let customers know that your products are higher quality than your competitors’ products, have custom stickers designed that tell them that.

Whether that messages is ‘All Natural Ingredients’ or ‘All Our Ingredients are Organic’, something pointing out why your product is superior to that of others will make customers far more interested in buying one of them.

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