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Invest, Customize, Never Lose your airpods again

Airpods make wireless headphones a necessity and an accessory. Wireless headphones and blue tooth give us the means to be plugged in without being annoyed or limited by our technology. They are an investment well worth the cost. Unlike the old headphones we misplaced at least once a day airpods are easy to keep in your ears all day. They come with a charging case that can be worn as a key chain so they have a designated place to be put away. Considering how much is invested in the purchase of these headphones we cannot afford to simply lose them or accidentally wash them in the laundry like many of us did with previous headphone types. Airpods simplify our lives and bring us music anywhere any time without the hassle of being physically plugged it and wrapped with wires and should be appreciated. Like many Apple products the airpods and their case are sleek and stylish but not individualized. Although they already look so appealing you need to customize your air pod case for three just reasons.

Reason 1:

You have invested much more into the purchase of these air pods than you have outdated pair of headphones. However, we all have a notorious habit for misplacing headphones. Air pod cases will be much easier to find if they are decorated and stand out. A small white box can be easily lost but if it is covered with a colorful puff of fabric as a case it is easily spotted and noticed when lost.

Reason 2:

All airpod cases look the same. If we know we are keeping these airpods in our ears to talk on the phone, listen to music at work, listen to music at the gym,or secretly watch netflix at our workstations why would we want to accidentally use someone else’s that have been in their ears for all that time. The best way to avoid this confusion is to individualize our cases.

Reason 3:

Let’s face it, you will be bringing your airpods everywhere with you. The case will become an everyday accessory to your wardrobe. Airpods are an investment that can simplify your life therefore will become a necessity. Knowing this you should want to individualize them in order to express yourself. Just like anything else you carry with you every day the airpod case should be decorated to reflect that it is yours. They sell decorative cases to make the case an animal, a stuffed, fluffy ball, colorful, sparkly, or plane but protected from the dangers of carrying it around all day everyday.

If you invest into purchasing a small, easily misplaced technology such as airpods you should customize the case. customizing your airpod case is the most creative and fun way you can appreciate the simplicity the airpods can bring to your daily life.


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