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Beware: Most Expensive Surface Pro Issues You Want To Avoid

Is Microsoft Surface line of hybrid devices causing you headaches? A lot of Surface Pro owners report having power relay fails, battery degradation issues, flickering display, and GPU performance problems. Microsoft is working diligently to resolve these technical issues. The technology giant has since rolled out bug fixes and a self-care diagnostic toolkit to fix some of the prevalent problems. It also warns that the toolkit is Windows 10 compatible and doesn’t support earlier Surface Pro models.

Surface Pro X Titanic Fail: Underwhelming Reviews Got Microsoft Working Overtime

With extended battery life, a sophisticated design, and pristine display, Microsoft’s Surface Pro X was everything! The wow factor – the Microsoft exclusive ARM-powered CPU turned out to be a deal-breaker. According to Microsoft, some of the performance bottlenecks experienced with the device stems from the native ARM-powered emulation mode.

Microsoft now offers exclusive ARM apps such as Chromium Edge to bypass the compatibility hiccups experienced in emulation mode. With this engine, studies stipulate that Arm-based devices benefit from extended battery life, improved scrolling speeds, content rendering; and increased responsiveness when toggling between tabs in your browser. The Surface Pro X is still far from perfection, although an optimistic Microsoft remains poised about a reboot.

Surface Pro Problems: Killer Firmware Update, Battery Drain, Invisible Drivers

Where to start? The list of problems affecting older Surface Pro devices is a growing concern. Mind you, Microsoft has not addressed the issue of a recent Windows firmware update putting older Surface systems out of commission. According to reports, the long-standing battery draining issue is also a firmware mishap. Although the firmware patch targeted several Surface Pro versions, including fourth, fifth, and sixth-generation releases as well as laptops, only some users reported excess battery drain issues.

The bulging battery crisis is still prevalent with some Surface Book machines and Pro 4 devices. Fortunately, Microsoft has extended warranty coverage for these particular models. Customers with devices still covered under warranty are eligible for a replacement free of cost. If your three-year warranty has expired, you can get a replacement Surface Pro 5 for a fee.

More Issues: Poor CPU Performance

Also, Surface Book 2 and Pro 6 users are experiencing major CPU performance bottlenecks. Despite the issue being well-documented, Microsoft has not acknowledged that there is a problem. With no clear indication of the root cause, it has left a lot of users frustrated. Additionally, some systems are experiencing WiFi connectivity issues, following a recent firmware update.

No Solution For Disappearing Drivers Yet?

Besides buggy drivers draining your batteries, Microsoft finally acknowledged compatibility issues causing system files to disappear randomly. They are still working on resolving this compatibility glitch, which predominantly affects Surface Book 2 machines. It is unwise to attempt any manual updates, which might escalate the issue. If you have some other issues that are beyond your scope, check out where to repair surface pro.


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